What do you do after you finish a 45-day drug rehabilitation program? . . . Anyone? . . . You get hammered! Well, at least that is what actress Lindsay Lohan figured. Just days after completing the program and voluntarily wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet, police had gotten word of a car chase in progress. Lohan’s car, in pursuit, was stopped in Santa Monica early Tuesday night. She was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test – registering a .12 – well over California’s legal limit of 0.08.

Lohan was booked on suspicion of drunken driving, possession of cocaine, bringing a controlled substance into custody and driving on a suspended license. It hadn’t even been a week since she turned herself into Beverly Hills Police to face charges of drunken driving related to an incident on May 26th of this year. That case which is now handled by DUI law firm located in Fairfax area, involved her losing control of her Mercedes-Benz and slamming into a hedge, and then leaving the scene. Lohan has been partying harder than ever this year, usually seen at all of the Hollywood hot spots, as well as attending Alcoholics Anonymous for about a year – even though she just turned 21. Quite ironic if you ask me.

The next week or two will be interesting to see if Lohan’s fate is any similar to that of Paris Hilton’s, who served a 23-day jail term last month for drunk driving and driving on a suspended license. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these celebrities have better start realizing that they are no longer untouchable. Gone are the days when we used to admire the stars of the big screen. This new generation will be admiring mugshots instead :}

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