The Hilton family are nothing if not celebrity, they don’t actually do anything, they are just famous for being famous. And these days being famous seems to involve frequent trips to jail and rehab.

On Tuesday morning Barron Hilton, younger, and usually better behaved brother of Paris Hilton was busted on a D.U.I. rap. The 18 year old Barron was reported to the police for driving erratically and on the wrong side of the road by a motorist following him.

The cops are claiming that his blood alcohol level was .14 which is pretty close to double the legal limit in California for adults 21 and over. Under 21 there is a zero tolerance law. Now the slightly uprising aspect about all of this is that it happened shortly before 8am.

The story gets even murkier, there apparently was a female in the car, and she is suspected of being involved in an accident earlier that morning which maybe why Barron Hilton was driving.

No doubt the local rehab facility is going to be getting a new customer in the very near future.

It seems as if a trio of his friends posted the $5000 bail through a bail bondsman after Barron had spent the better part of a day in jail. Rumor has it that the Hilton family refused to post the bail, and were content to let him stew in jail for a while. Rumor also has it that he called big sister Paris to help, however at the request of the family refused.

Simon Barrett 

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