Some people do not believe it is possible to support the troops without supporting the war; this is nonsense that is promulgated, mainly, by extremists who use their heads for hat racks and little else. What they are saying is that a “patriotic American” must love everything that his or her government tells them is good and hate everything that their government tells them is bad. That’s not patriotism, that’s not even American!

The “troops” are individual men and women who have made the choice to give some part of their lives in service to us and to their country. Supporting the troops means, in my mind: 1) respecting their choice to serve our country; 2)being proud of them for their willingness to ‘put it all on the line’ for us so that we can be safe; and 3) doing anything we can to keep THEM safe.

Our troops do not choose their battles, our government does! Some battles may be distasteful or even flat-out wrong in the opinion of some of our military men and women and in our civilian opinions; they (the troops), however, do not have the choice to dissent, WE DO and if we do dissent, if we speak out against a conflict that we honestly see as just a waste of American lives, the best way we can support the troops is to protest that conflict!

In reference to the war in Iraq: I believe our government made a mistake going into Iraq. It may have been an honest mistake based on intelligence or a stupid mistake based on our President’s personal beliefs, or we may be there for some other reason; that however, is no longer relevant. TODAY, we obviously have a break-away sect of the Moslem religion that wants us either dead or converted to Islam and we need to defend ourselves in any way we can against their intentions and action plans. Call it the “Iraq War”, call it the “Middle-East Conflict”, call it the “War Against Terror” call it whatever you want, it IS a necessary fight that if lost can only result in the loss of many more patriotic American lives and, ultimately, the loss of our American way of life.

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