Glendale Arizona Mayor Elaine M. Scruggs announced on local radio station K.T.A.R today she will not be participating in or representing the city designated to host this years super bowl.

Her Honor thinks its a waste of money for the city to spend 900 dollars for a couple tickets nor would it be appropriate for her to accept comps and she is darn sure not going to spend her own money.

For those unfamiliar with local Arizona politics, Mayor Scruggs is actually considered a progressive amongst conservatives having firmly concluded that the ban on fluoridation of city water lifted only a few years back might not have been a commie plot after all.

Amongst Blue and Red states, Arizona is pure crimson. But unprecedented growth in the last couple decades has begun to change the balance of power.

Democrats are beginning to out pace Republicans and the States top executive posts have all fallen to Democratic challengers in the last couple elections. 

Mostly to the frustration of the Nations last true political boss. Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio, who’s political machine rivals that of Chicago’s late Mayor Daley or Louisiana’s Governor Long in the scope of influence over State and local affairs. 

While the Mayor will apparently be watching the game from the comfort of her hub-capped adorned double wide.

Those willing to fork over the cash will enjoy relaxing in the worlds most comfortable and modern arena. The stadium is so well done even those sitting in the nose bleed seats will be able to hear plays called on the field. Its a master piece of acoustical design.

The first time visitor to Phoenix will find getting to and from the game is also a breeze. The valleys surface streets are designed on a simple square grid system making it difficult to get lost. And a freeway circles the entire valley of the sun.

While some hotels are charging premium for rooms located close to the Stadium. The reality is because of the freeway systems design. Even a cheap room in outlying Mesa or Chandler is still only a forty minute drive from the parking lot.

While the Mayor has decided to skip the event, the rest of us are looking forward to what will be the most exciting game in Superbowl history.  


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