I have to admit that I know almost nothing about football. It seems to mostly be long periods of doing nothing interspersed with 5 seconds of grown men wearing helmets, armor and lord knows what else reenacting some ancient battle ritual.

My wife is a Saints fan, and even though I am allowed TV privileges on Sundays I bowed down to her request that we watch what so often turns out to be the ‘superbore’. I had pretty much tuned out the entire event when.. half time arrived.

My attention became glued to the TV, for once the half time show was not performed by some one that no one really gives a damn about. This was the classic rock band The Who. I’ll tell you something, I would have preferred a 90 minute Who concert and a 20 minute football game, but I guess I am probably in the minority.

I did receive an interesting email this morning that pointed to a UK web site that had the following comment:

“No offense to The Who but once you’ve seen titty at half time it’s hard to go back,” said one viewer after veteran Rockers the Who performed to a world wide audience during Super Bowl 44.

I think that is a bit harsh. In my view The Who did a great job, I was delighted to see them on the program.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I got around to reviewing a DVD documentary about The Who. So the band was fresh in my mind. Sure they are getting old, we all are!

I also that that it was oddly fitting that this is the band that plays the theme tune to CSI Miami.

Great job guys! I am sure that it was your drive and energy that got the Saints rocking in the second half! I live just across the Louisiana border and when that final whistle blew I stepped outside and was greeted by a cacophony of honking horns and people shouting WHO DAT. We are some 50 miles from New Orleans, lord only knows what it was like in the city itself!

Simon Barrett

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