The former front man of the Dubtribe Sound System, Sunshine Jones has branched out on his own, with a truly unique idea. Seven Tracks In Seven Days, is exactly that. In one week you lay down seven tracks, oh, and do this all by yourself! This is pretty much an impossibility. But Sunshine Jones takes on the challenge and wins!

Using a huge array of electronica (mainly Roland) he has produced an album that should appeal to the dance crowd. While I may not be part of the ‘dance’ crowd, I can easily understand how this album could be a big hit in that milieu. The constant backing beat, and the almost mathematical top layer makes it hard to not want to tap your feet.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with putting math in music, J. S. Bach (1685-1750) was the master of this genre. Today, using Roland’s and other items of electronica, Math Music is within the reach of any musician that wishes to take that route.

Mathmatica is something that occurs in all types of music, it is however more noticeable in this kind of album, and I must admit that I found it somewhat irksome. Electronica tends to repeat the mathematical formula of the tune much more often than  something written by us mere mortals.

On the up-side, I loved the vibrancy of the electronic instruments, I also love the depth of sound. This is ‘light years’ ahead of the old Moog Synthesizer, although, being ‘old school’ I like Moog’s and Melatrons! Today’s electronica is certainly much different from the 1970’s.

You can preview Sunshine Jones here and if you like it you can purchase it through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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