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Channel 7 news broadcast show, Sunrise, has officially become Australia’s first greenhouse friendly TV program, as of Monday December 4.
As the environment arouses concerns around the globe, and an increasing number of citizens come to terms with the dangerous state that the environment is heading towards in the future, Sunrise has made the flick, into an eco-friendly state.

Sunrise host’s David Koch (or more commonly nicknamed Kochie) and Melissa Doyle Federal were presented by Environment Minister Ian Campbell with a certificate administered by the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™ initiative.

Adam Boland, the Executive Producer of Sunrise has spoke out on behalf of the Sunrise crew stating that they were proud of what has been achieved and that it’s a sign of things to come.

In order to reach this Greenhouse Friendly™ state, Sunrise has undergone a thorough process to verify just how many tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are produced through its production and broadcast, across our nation. Every aspect of the show’s emissions were totalled together – taking into account all facets from lights to cameras to computers to travel.

“It would be wrong of Sunrise to report on the consequences of global warming without ourselves taking steps to fix it.” The Sunrise team announced. “They may be small steps… but they become giant leaps when other shows and business groups follow suit.”

From there the emissions are cut and further neutralised – by acts such bringing more energy aware and friendly procedures into action and purchasing annulment –whether it be in the form of planting trees, recycling, averting waste from landfill, or renovating organic materials to compost.

Sunrise has now occupied the 7th slot on the board of products/or services in Australia that have been given the title of Greenhouse Friendlyâ„¢ – though it is the first media outlet to make the green change.

This step into becoming a greener and carbon neutral show is an ingredient in Sunrise’s Cool The Globe campaign, which aims to fight global warming.
Sunrise is Australia’s number 1 breakfast show.

You can catch the ecologically aware show on Channel Seven Monday to Friday, from 6am-9am.
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Sources: cool the globe.com

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