This week we are going to take the program in a slightly different direction, rather than being reactive we are going to be proactive, and we are looking for listeners to help us. We are partnering with the Crimewire group led by Denny Griffin. Denny and his investigator Bill Sullivan.

judy021.jpgWe will be exploring the case of Sgt Patrick Rust. This 2007 case is one of the strangest stories I have ever heard about.

The web site is a good place to get a general background, and I recommend that you read it.

Oh, and to add some needless fuel to the fire, there is actually a Casey Anthony connection. Do you remember Dr. William Rodriguez the expert witness that suddenly had to withdraw from the Casey Anthony trial? Well strange though it may sound, the good doctor has an involvement with the Patrick Rust case. I will leave that aspect for Bill and Denny to explain.

This case is so strange that it boggles my mind. Jan and I have just got off a conference call with Denny Griffin and Bill Sullivan,

I think it is fair to say that all is not as it seems.

Denny Griffin and Bill Sullivan have expended a huge amount of time on this case. They have found many parts of the Jigsaw Puzzle that both the Army and Police either overlooked, or failed to investigate. There are however some key pieces to the puzzle that remain hidden.

Oh, and yes, we will have an update on the Casey Anthony fiasco. Jan has the latest and greatest here.

Other than the Anthony’s and the defense team few few people think that justice was served in the case. But it is what it is. Casey Anthony has the rest of her life to think about her actions. Her parents George and Cindy Anthony must also face the same life sentence, did they subvert the path of truth. One thing is clear, the State Of Florida, has had enough of the case, they just want to put it behind them and move on.

This is a trial that will likely be the subject of much discussion in Law Schools, not for its legal merit, but the ‘thirteenth’ juror aspect. It will be called the Nancy Grace case.

Please join us on Sunday at 4pm eastern, the listen live link is here.

Once again, lets make a difference on a case that we can, Patrick Rust, rather than gripe about Casey (Can I borrow your car and check book, oh, and kill my daughter) Anthony. We need our ‘armchair sleuths’ to do some serious Sleuthing, lets solve this crime! It is better to say I helped solve the crime, than I disagree with the verdict.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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