The founding members of the club met again yesterday to talk some cases are well known, and others are obscure, they all have one thing in common, a life has been lost, and justice seems to be on vacation.

We started the program with a case that just will not go away, Casey Anthony. This story has gone on for far too long. In fact even the focus of the story is wrong. It should not be on Casey Anthony, the party girl with some very loose moral values, but her daughter Caylee. Caylee Anthony was two years old when she died, yet no-one talks about Caylee Anthony, she is merely a sideshow in the story.

The ‘scales of justice’ have spoken, mother Casey Anthony has been found ‘not guilty’. The bigger question is where in all of this mess is justice for the deal two year old? In simple terms, there is none.

The story has now entered the phase of making money.

A dead two year old sudennly becomes a money pit! Some artist that no-one has heard of designs a latex mask of Casey Anthony and it sells on eBay for just short of $million. That well known ‘news hound’ Larry Flynt is supposedly offing $500,000 for an interview to be carried in his well respected ‘news magazine’ Hustler. Of course Hustler is well known for its indepth news articles which is why copies of it are secreted under bed matresses by proud owners to prevent guests and parents from stealing them!

The major networks meanwhile are all claiming righous indignation, ‘We do not pay for interviews’. Of course a couple of hundred thousand dollars in licencing fees for a photo or two that could be downloaded free from the Internet is OK.

Casey Anthony is akin to a donut. She loses value almost by the hour. A fresh donut is yummy, a three day old donut just lacks the spark!

If you missed the live program, the recording is here.

There is also  some breaking news, check this out!

Simon Barrett

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