This week the team of Jan and Simon Barrett, Denny Griffin, Mannie Barling, Dave Knechell and William Cobra Staubs decided to take a long hard look at an unsolved murder, the 1989 senseless killing of then 18 year old Kaitlyn Arquette.

Cold cases abound, they are crimes with no leads, no suspects, and no motive. They are like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that is missing 499 of the pieces.

The Kaitlyn Arquette story is different, I see motive, I see suspects, and I see no end of leads. Going back to the Jigsaw Puzzle analogy the pieces are essentially all there, What is missing is a willingness by the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) to sit down and put the pieces together.

If I, a lowly book reviewer and writer can spend a week looking at the puzzle pieces and start to put them together, I begin to start asking myself some very hard questions. I am not the first person to travel this road.

Kaitlyn’s mother is a very well known author who uses the Pen Name of Lois Duncan. Both her and her husband Don Arquette have traveled the road. In fact in 1992 Lois published a bestseller Who Killed My Daughter to talk about the case. It created a firestorm, Toes were trampled, and the death threats started. Even today 20 years later they are extremely cautious of visiting Albuquerque.

Another traveler along the same road is Investigator Patricia (Pat) Caristo. Pat became interested in the Kaitlyn Arquette story in the mid 90’s  Although an Albuquerque resident her involvement came about as being more an Accidental Tourist while teaching a class on the subject of Investigations.

One other traveler of the same road is my good friend Denny Griffin, he heard about the Arquette case through his crimewire project. In fact it was Denny that suggested that it might be an interesting one for the Sunday Afternoon Murder Club. He also facilitated access to the Arquette family and Pat Caristo.

Pat was our special guest on the program yesterday. While I euphemistically call them The Panel a better description would be The Dogs Of War. I bet that give them a week entertaining the guests at Hotel Gitmo, the war on terror would be over!

The questions for Pat Caristo were hard hitting, but one thing was very clear, The Kaitlyn Arquette case is not a random drive-by shooting. Pat Caristo did an admirable job of fielding the hard questions.

This case needs some resolution. Next week on the program (assuming they were not to intimidated by the Dogs Of War) we will be exploring the case again. Don Arquette and Lois Duncan will be joining us.

For some background information on the case please read this site.

Next on the program we took a look at the Lawrence King murder trial. Last week the jury deadlocked on a verdict, and a mistrial was declared. Common sense has gone out the window, was my first reaction. Lawrence King was shot twice in the head. This happened in a classroom, and witnesses abound. There is no question as to who the shooter was, there is no question of premeditation, most 14 year olds do NOT bring guns to school. So why the deadlocked jury? On the program Mannie Barling offers his views from the legal perspective.

Our final segment concerned the Joke Of The Century, oops trial of the century, Casey Anthony. This is a story that just refuses to go away. Last week saw yet more post trial antics. The state seems to think that Casey Anthony owes them $500,000 to cover the cost of investigating the case. Actually I suspect that it cost them more than that. But, there is a minor problem, she was found not guilty on the major charges. So the question becomes, how much money did the state spend to discover that she was telling lies? I am sure that they had figured out she was not being truthful by the time they left Universal Studios. In fact they themselves played the audio tape of the interview as part of the trial presentation.

Personally I would love to see Casey Anthony have to foot a $500,000 bill. But legally this move by the state has about as much chance of being successful as I do of being inducted into the Football Hall Of Fame.

Equally frustrating is the Probation aspect surrounding Casey Anthony. It was claimed that she would be afforded no special privileges. Well that has clearly gone out of the equation. She has no job, and does not appear to be working hard on obtaining one. Because of her high profile, and low educational level it was decided that rather than work she could actually try and learn stuff, it is called going to school. Of course being high profile she would hardly fit into the average grade 3 class without being noticed, so she was permitted to study online.

Has this happened? Apparently not!

So what is the hold up? With online education you sign up and start right away. Could it be that she is waiting for someone to offer a Diploma in FaceBook or Yahoo IM?

If you missed our live broadcast you can catch the recording here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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