The charter members of the Club will be assembling to discuss cases old and new. Simon and Jan Barrett, attorney Mannie Barling, crime writer and investigator Denny Griffin, Journalist Dave Knechel, and Bailbonds man William Cobra Staubs will be looking at several cases.

Yes, we will be talking about Casey Anthony. This seems to be a trial that just refuses to go away. One would think that after three years in the media spotlight people would have grown bored and moved on to pastures new. That is not the situation, the case continues to attract huge media interest even though the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on the charges that Casey Anthony killed her two year old daughter Caylee Anthony.

If anything, the hype has increased in the case. A latex mask of Casey Anthony ‘supposedly’ was sold on eBay for pennies short of one million dollars. Casey Anthony was not part of the creation of the mask, nor did it have anything to do with the crime. Why would someone buy such an item?

The Casey Anthony ”Pet Rock’ (reserve $100,000) did not fare so well.

There is a video supposedly floating around, asking price $500,000 that shows Casey Anthony hours after her release drinking a bottle of Corona beer while stepping off a private jet. The hot rumor is that Todd Macaluso is in the same video. Macaluso is indeed a pilot, he does own at least one small aircraft, but it is a turbo prop. Based on his current status in the legal community it would seem odd that he would opt to ‘buy into’ further problems.

The Casey Anthony story is akin to picking a tomato off the vine and placing it on your kitchen table. The tomato ripens in a couple of days, it reaches it peak, that is the time to eat it. After a week it is over ripe. After two weeks it is soft. After another week it is old and wrinkled, you throw it out.

Casey Anthony is the tomato, her worth is dropping faster than a ‘pet rock’ tossed from the Empire State Building.

Another ‘hot rumor’ is that the smelly Sunfire will soon hit the auction block. Who wants to buy a more than 10 year old car that smells? Even worse, the trunk liner and spare tire cover are missing? Oh, and the word on the street, this could be a $1,000,000 deal! One has to wonder, does it come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yup, this is the car that I drove my dead daughter around in.

Signed – Casey Anthony

Also on the program we will be looking at the death of 14 year old Lawernce King. This trial gets stranger with every day. I think the most disturbing testimony this week came from one of his teachers. We will be discussing the ‘prom dress’! So you have a disturbed and sexually unsure young man in your class. Rather than intervene and seek help you give the 14 year old a Prom Dress. I can’t wait for the discussion on this one!

We also have a number of other cases, so I do hope that you will all join us tomorrow. The Sunday Afternoon Murder Club can be listened to live here.

Simon Barrett

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