Once again the alumni, Jan and Simon Barrett, Dave Knechell, William Cobra Staubs and Denny Griffin (Mannie Barling was missing this week, but will be back next week) got around the table to talk about crimes old and new.

Of course we had to open with an update on the case that will not end, Casey Anthony. This week we have the probation minefield, should she serve it, or has she already served it? I guess the more important question is who gives a damn? To most people she is labeled as a child killer, that is a badge of dishonor that she must live with for the rest of her life.

Her parents George and Cindy Anthony were also in the news this week. Apparently they scrapped the infamous smelly Sunfire rather than sell it to a macabre collector. They also agreed, in fact rumor has it that it is already in the can, interview with Dr. (well I’m not a real Doctor) Phil. CBS have their check book out, but this is not a paid interview, rather, they will just be making a contribution to Charity….

Having worn out the welcome of the original non profit, it seems that a new one under the Caylee Anthony name is in the works. Well lets face it, if you give $1.00 to an organization, you don’t expect 80 cents of it to go to ‘administration’!

Probably the biggest yawner of the week was that lead defense lawyer Jose Baez faces yet another Florida Bar complaint. While most sensible lawyers would be in fear and dread, Baez just seems to consider them part of his normal life! Of course one of these days one of these icky Bar Complaints is going to become a real issue, I do hope he hasn’t burnt his bridges in the Bikini selling industry, he may need those contacts.

The Sunday Afternoon Murder Club also explored some potential developments in the 2007 death of Sgt. Patrick Rust. The Crimewire team of Denny Griffin and Bill Sullivan have shaken the trees, and potentially made some fruit fall to the ground. They are still working on the latest data, but one thing is clear, this investigation is moving forward. Confucianism claims ‘the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step’, this journey for the truth behind the Patrick Rust story is far beyond that single step. Take Patrick Rust’s last known walk here. More soon…..

If you missed the live program, you can catch the recording here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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