Being ‘green’ has become a standard. Our lovely planet is being destroyed. As we rape and pillage the natural resources the future becomes more and more uncertain.

The Sundance Channel is half way through their second season of the fine Big Ideas For A Small Planet series. This is a critical look at creating a sustainable world. A world that consumes less, and recycles more. One mans garbage is another mans raw material!

I twisted a lot of arms (in other words I groveled), and BNN has some free stuff to celebrate Big Ideas For A New Planet. So, BNN is putting on our own version of Big Ideas For A Small Planet, you tell us what you do to be ‘green’ and you could be the owner of some Sundance swag.

How about a Tote bag, a snazzy white white bag with the Sundance logo on it, oh and it is made from recycled water bottles, a very classy organic cotton T-shirt, a notebook that is outstanding, and certainly one that anyone would be proud to have. The best bit though, are the speakers. These are small computer or MP3 player speakers. But they are made from cardboard! Too neat for words!

I am a big fan of the show, and the Sundance channel have done a fabulous job of showcasing companies that care about the environment.

Tell me what you are doing for the environment, the winners will get the bag of swag, and their story will be featured here on BNN.

Leave a comment on how you are saving the planet. We will pick the winner in a couple of weeks.

Simon Barrett

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