Sumner Redstone is a tough guy whose priorities are straight.  He will do anything to win in business.  And he doesn’t care whether he makes the tough calls with grace, he just decides and does.  You knew that he is that kind of guy, but he’s been putting on the old sweet married guy act for a while now to cover the real deal.
Sumner fired the guy that built MTV from zip to iconic status because he couldn’t stand the credit the press was giving the other guy.  The reasons given had to do with acquisition failures and powerful leadership abilities and so on, all this was nonsense since he just can’t stand not getting all the credit.  His current CEO does a better job of deflecting all the credit to Redstone and thereby avoiding the ax for the interim. 
Instead of working with his daughter to maximize her particular strengths and supplement her management needs, the old dude has blown her out.  Truth is he’s lost a step and he’s not going to get it back.  There isn’t an eighty year old in the world who is capable of orchestrating the change required to maintain a business deriving its income stream from 25 to 44 year olds. 
Sumner is now a recluse in Beverly Hills or thereabouts.  He has married a young one and set himself up to live through the next century.  However, the guy always has to be in conflict and there are few targets in his sights now that he’s done with his daughter.  I’ll bet his current wife is next as she ages, her notoriety expands and her novelty wanes.  He’s no different than any other like mogul who isolates himself in the aerie.  He thinks he did it all by himself and no other notion will suit him.

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