The heat from the asphalt rises slowly, the sun hangs heavy in the sky, and the world is at ease. There is nothing like the sweet bliss of summertime. When the kids are finished with another school year and the time comes for a vacation, get ready to hit the road. There are nearly endless options for getaways all around the United States; choosing a destination can be quite daunting. Beaches fill up and get so expensive, theme parks tend to just be one long line, and road trips to anywhere can put the happiest families in grouchy moods. If you’re looking for a hit destination, it’s time to check out the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Baseball isn’t merely a game in this country. It’s a way of life–a religion almost–that’s intertwined in the fabric of American history.

Nearly 300,000 fans make the trek to Cooperstown each year–for good reason. The heritage of baseball has contributed to so much within the history of the United States; it would be impossible to ignore. Racial barriers have been broken down, broadcasting milestones were reached, and equality is constantly championed through the ethics of the game. Located in downtown Coopersville, the Hall of Fame has five floors full of wonder.

Baseball isn’t the only star attraction in the cool little village. Cooperstown is home to the wonderful Fenimore Art Museum, The Farmer’s Museum and the Glimmerglass Opera. Looking for a quintessential American town? Cooperstown is about as classic as it gets.

Finding your way to the middle of New York state is a breeze. Cooperstown is just baseball’s throw from the Albany International Airport. With so many low-cost carriers offering summer deals, finding a flight is a no-brainer. Airport transportation to and from Cooperstown is super simple as well. Plan ahead to have a ride waiting or just grab a lift when you land. Albany International is a small and relaxed airport, but it’s always best to be a smart traveler.

Don’t you hate trying to find your luggage while all of those bags spin around the carousel? Sometimes it seems like each bag looks exactly the same. Before you take off on your next trip, consider sprucing up your luggage. Bags can be painted bright colors, adorned with little ornaments or labeled with custom tags. A pilot bag tag works the best; it will be sturdy and give a bag that official look. You won’t waste any time or energy on the best trip of the year.

Baseball, apple pie, and the summer vacation have one thing in common: they’re all classically American. No matter if you’re a fan of the game, baseball is America’s game. The history and present cultural values bring us all together as citizens. Once the mercury starts to rise and the days get long, Cooperstown comes alive. A trip to New York is always fun, and it’s sure to please the entire family. Hit the road this summer. The gentle beauty and rich cultural history of Cooperstown awaits.

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