You could call this the battle of the Titans. Rarely does Big Food argue with Big Food. They much prefer to co-exist in a peaceful but competitive existence. Once in a while through, well the gloves come off, and battle ensues. Sugar vs Sugar pits the two titans of the sweetening business in the ring.

In one corner are the producers of ‘real sugar’. In simple terms that is the sugar derived from Sugar Cane and Sugar Beets.

In the other corner are the CRA (Corn Refiners Association) and their claim that ‘Sugar is Sugar’, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).

The battle is all about what can be called ‘sugar’? The CRA seem to think that a laboratory derived product (HFCS) derived from corn has the rights to call itself Sugar. Obviously ‘real sugar’ producers have a little bit of concern over this claim.

I don’t tend to spend my time reading court filings, I’ll be honest with you, they mostly are pretty boring, they tend to read like a Thomas Hardy novel, long on description, and short on plot.

Unlike Hardy and his dreadfully boring Mayor Of Casterbridge, Sugar vs Sugar is great reading. The CRA and the HFCS product are most certainly ‘in the corner’. But like any ‘prize fighter’ they are unwilling to give up.

As I said, I don’t spend my days reading boring court filings, but here are two that are worth the effort.

The Real Sugar folks say this.

The Frankensugar folks respond with this.

I have asked the CRA (repeatedly) to join me On Air, but they never seem to have a spokesperson available. The Real Sugar people on the other hand are always happy to talk. Why is this? Who is scared to talk? Obviously not real sugar, but those corn people seem to prefer to hide.

The question I have is why?

I am not a scientist, so I will not be asking any ‘molecular’ level questions. But for some reason Audrae Erickson and her elves refuse to talk on or off the record. Again I have to ask the question Why?

What is so scary about Simon Barrett? If HFCS is as good as they claim, why wouldn’t the CRA want to go on record?

It makes you wonder…..

Simon Barrett

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