Police officers in England are telling prostitutes to stay off the streets after a five women who are known to be prostitutes were killed near the town of Ipswich in the eastern part of the country.

“Please stay off the streets,” Suffolk Police Assistant Chief Constable Jacqui Cheer said. “If you are out alone at night you are putting yourself in danger. We are coming up to the party season and up to Christmas. There will be groups of women going out, and I would say you have really got to look after each other, plan how you are going to get there and come home together. Whatever happens on your night out, do not leave your friends alone.”

The bodies of the women, who still haven’t been identified, have been found over the last two weeks. Two of the bodies were found yesterday. One reportedly was found near Levington, a town about five miles south of Ipswich. The second was found nearby. The other three bodies were found within 10 miles of each other.

Det. Chief Supt. Stewart Gull, who heads the Suffolk Police’s crime management team, told the Los Angeles Times that they haven’t yet classified the offender or offenders as a serial killer or killers, but says the murders are a “crime in action.”

“We have to keep an open mind…. It’s such a fast-moving inquiry,” Gull said.

Officials say the number of murders in the two-week time frame is “unprecedented.”

The first woman, 25-year-old Gemma Adams, was reported missing on Nov. 25. Her body was found a week later in a stream. 19-year-old Tania Nicol was reported missing after being last seen leaving her home in Ipswich on Oct. 30. Her body was found on Friday in a river. Police say they haven’t determined the cause of death for either woman.

On Sunday, Anneli Alderton’s body was found in a wooded area. Police say she had been strangled. On Tuesday, police found two bodies they think are those of 29-year-old Annette Nicholls, who was last seen in Ipswich on Dec. 5, and 24-year-old Paula Nicholl, who was last seen in Ipswich on Sunday. The identities of the bodies have not been confirmed.

The five women were all found naked and in rural areas. Police are telling women to “look out for one another” when they go outside, especially at night.

“I can’t assure people they can be safe,” Suffolk Chief Constable Alistair McWhirter said. “To the working girls and to anybody going out for a pleasant evening in Ipswich tonight, I would say, ‘Look after yourselves, take care of each other.’”

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