By John Donovan


At long last, someone has written an invaluable guide on how ordinary individuals can publicly criticize the rich and powerful, including multinational corporations, by using the Internet.

My father and I pioneered the use of websites for exposing Royal Dutch Shell. Indeed, the author, Robert Eringer, uses our experience as a case study for how David can tackle Goliath.

Moreover, Eringer relates his own case study: himself against a whole country–the Principality of Monaco. (

The best thing about Eringer’s manual is that it is concise and straight to the point–instructing in simple language how to get started, cultivate readership, and bloody the noses of those who most deserve it. Suck My Pen: How to Gut Goliath by Becoming an Interactive Hub of Dissent eBook: Robert Eringer: Kindle Store

EXTRACT: …the most successful gripe site of all time, which targets Shell Oil, actually operates under the domain name, Shell’s legal trading name.

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