I am a big fan of indie movies, they have something that is sadly lacking in the endless remakes and series that Hollywood produces. I hate to say it, but the big studios have not had a creative thought in 30 years. They are happy to spent $200 million making drivel, but unwilling to spend $2 million on something new and fresh.

Hollywood likes to brag that through the efforts of groups such as the MPAA movie piracy has gone way down, frankly I doubt that the MPAA has anything to do with it. A more rational explanation is who in their right mind wants to pirate crap? And who would want to watch it anyway?

OK, I will get off my soap box. I work with many people, authors, musicians, film makers, in fact anyone with a story, and there is always a story if you dig around.

A couple of days ago I received a press release from a video distributor. It concerned the release of a new movie, Subterranea. What caught my eye was the film makers name, Eric D. Wilkinson. In 2007 Eric released a great film The Man From Earth, I knew I wanted to watch his new endeavor, Subterranea.

Before you could say ‘Clint from MVD is a great guy’, I had access to a screener and Eric D. Wilkinson. After an almost one hour phone conversation, I can say with great honesty that Eric is an interesting and engaging guy.

I’d share the plot behind Subterranea, but I won’t. I will however share the trailer

Is it Sci-Fi? Well that is for the watcher to decide. Never put movies in a pigeon hole until you watch them.

Simon Barrett


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