News Item:
Bogus Narc Busted

A man walked into a store at a farmers market in Berlin, New Jersey, the other day, and flashed a badge, claiming to be an investigator for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics Strike Force.  The merchant probably asked, as most of us would, what the visit was about.
[So far, situation normal, more or less.]

The presumed narcotics agent then demanded from the business owner a quantity of the prescription drug Oxycontin.
[Maybe the situation is not so normal.]

The presumed narcotics agent also demanded that the merchant hand over all his cash.
[Situation definitely out of the ordinary at this point]

The merchant, in reply to the unusual requests, opted to call the police instead.  The presumed narcotics agent, rather than wait for, uhm… let’s say ‘backup’, decided to leave the store, rather quickly.

Up till now this appears to be just another run of the mill police impersonation story, but it gets better.  After police arrived, and got a description, they canvased the premises.  Standard procedure, we’re guessing.  Had the presumed narcotics agent already fled the scene?  Not exactly.  He was apprehended still wandering through the market, as if he had done nothing wrong.

This guy gets one of two Sidiots [Sid’s Idiot Awards] we’re offering.  The second?  Wellllll… that merchant in the story.  There was no mention in the news report of what happened to him, but the Berlin Farmers Market doesn’t list a pharmacy in the store directory, so why did the presumed narcotics agent demand Oxy’s from him?  And if the merchant was dealing under the counter, was it all that bright of him to call the police?  Wouldn’t they ask the same question?

News Source: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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