There is a widely agreed upon fact that men can handle stress and emotions better than women. This is why during a divorce, the women seem to get the bulk of the pity and support, especially if there are children involved, since custody is often awarded to them. With these factors, one would think that women suffer more from the depressing effects of divorce. However, a new study developed by Statistics Canada has discovered that men are more likely to experience depression after a divorce than women. The study examined any links between depression and divorce. The data, taken from the National Population Health Survey looked at men between the ages of 20 and 64 and found that they were six times more likely to be depressed than men of the same age who stayed married. Newly divorced women, on the other hand, were 3.5 times more likely to be depressed than women who remained married. External factors like financial issues and economic difficulties were not included in the study. The focus was on the idea of the divorce itself. There was no clear explanation for why the idea of divorce was so much more devastating to men’s mental health. Some factors included that children paid a big factor in the stress factor of the divorce which led to depression. However, most were said to recover from the depressing effects of a divorce within four years. Still, this is a long time to be depressed over the end of a marriage, especially if it was worth it to break up for everyone involved.

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