Everyone complains about how everyone else on the road can’t drive, but no one is willing to admit that they are the ones everyone is complaining about. Maybe the results of this year’s GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test will make people more willing to admit that they are not completely sure of the rules of the road. Results of the test show that one in six driver could not pass the written DMV exam. This averages out to about 36 million Americans who have a license.

These numbers come from the results of 20 questions given to licensed drivers that came directly from actual DMV tests that new drivers take to obtain a learner’s permit. Two questions were particularly difficult for the test takers. The first question, what is the proper following distance from the car in front of you, was missed by 81 percent of those who answered it. The second was what action should you take when approaching a steady yellow traffic light, which was missed by 84 percent of the participants. The correct answer for both of these is to follow two seconds behind the car in front of you and to stop if it is safe to stop at a yellow light. Other difficult questions included how many feet to signal before making a turn, missed by 55 percent of the participants, and 40 percent were unaware that a diamond-shaped sign is a warning sign. On the other hand, 98 percent of all respondents knew the answers to questions regarding what to do when an emergency vehicle with flashing lights approaches, how to keep from hydroplaning, and the meaning of a solid yellow line. Also, drivers over 35 years old had the highest passing rates.

The results of the test were then compared among all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The national average score was a 77.1 percent. People from New York had the worst average of 71 percent, and Idaho had the highest average of 81.7 percent. The regions with the highest failure rates were the South Atlantic and New England with 20.8 percent and 15.7 percent respectively.

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