A study is being carried out at a medical school with the aim of helping protect healthy cells in sufferers of mesothelioma while allowing drugs to be used to treat affected cells. The research is part of a two year study, and has been carried out at the Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire.

The agents that are being studied as part of the project are Thioguanine, which destroys the cancerous cells but can also damage healthy cells, and also fluorouracil, which is able to protect the healthy cells from the damage that the first drug can cause.

Malignant mesothelioma is a form of asbestos cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos, and as yet there is no cure for this disease, although there are certain treatments that are used to prolong the life of sufferers of this deadly disease.

Doctors that are involved in the research have also said that nutrition could form an important part in the process, and have said that the nutrition of mesothelioma patients can help to control the progression of the cancer.

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