A study is to be performed into the effects that vermiculite mining has had on the health of residents and their offspring in the town of Libby in Montana. This is where the W R Grace vermiculite mine was located, and the town has a high rate of asbestos cancer.

An announcement was made by researches from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine who confirmed that they would be carrying out a study into the effects of vermiculite mining on the health of those that have been living in Libby. The study will be a three phase one.

Part of the study will involve focussing on the ill effect on the health of the children in Libby. It was not just the workers that were involved with the mining that suffered the ill effects of vermiculite but also residents, general public, and the offspring of those living in the area.

Part of the study will also look at the effects on the health of all residents in the areas, such as lung scarring, as well as the effects that exposure has had on the auto-immune systems of many people in the area.

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