Students from a High School in Bethel had to be dismissed from class and sent home earlier this week as a result of an asbestos scare. The students were sent home early on Wednesday after workers that were performing renovations in the building accidentally opened up a wall cavity, behind which there was asbestos insulation.

Asbestos is a known carcinogenic, and can cause a range of health problems through exposure, including respiratory problems, scarring of the lungs, and a form of cancer known as mesothelioma. It was once wide used for insulation as well as in a range of other applications and in a variety of industries.

As soon as students had left the building air testing was carried out. Letters about the incident were also sent to the parents and guardians of the students. The results of the testing were returned later in the day and showed that there was no danger to students or staff members.

Following the incident the school superintendent stated: “We’re clean, so we’ll open on time tomorrow. The levels are almost non-detectable.” He said that the area that had been affected was no frequented, adding: “You could not pick a better place, frankly, because there are no classrooms anywhere near it. It’s really an isolated location.”

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