A recent report has shown that students had to sit examinations in Lismore City Hall earlier this week despite concerns that asbestos roofing in the building may have been damaged due to heavy hail storms during the month of October. This could have resulted in parts of the building being contaminated with the potentially deadly carcinogenic.

One official confirmed that there had been an initial clean up following the storms, but added that there were still concern about asbestos presence. He stated: “The building was given the all-clear, however subsequent to that, there’s been some further damage to the building as a result of the heavy rain and there’s a concern that there was some further asbestos contamination.”

The comments came from Scott Turner, an official with the local council in the area. He also added: “We had the building assessed again, and certain parts of it have been quarantined. However, we did receive the all-clear from our expert for the exams.”

Asbestos is a potentially deadly substance that is known to cause a number of health problems through exposure to airborne dust and fibers. This includes respiratory problems, scarring of the lungs, and a form of deadly cancer known as mesothelioma.

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