According to a recent report students from the Boulder’s Mesa Elementary School were sent home early this week after a ceiling tile fell to the floor. Officials from the school district said that the tile may have resulted in the release of asbestos into the air. Although there was no evidence of this school officials said that they were ensuring that they were cautious due to the problems associated with asbestos exposure.

One school officials said that the risk of problems was not great, but that it was best to err on the side of caution where the students are concerned. He said: “The likelihood of a problem is not great but we have to take precautions.” It is through that the wet weather recently caused the ceiling tile to drop. With the school having been built in the 1970s the ceiling tiles in the school do contain signs of asbestos.

Although the ceiling tile only affected certain classrooms all students were allowed to go home early. Once students had gone home school officials started conducting testing to ensure that the air was safe and to determine whether it could be opened up the following day. The school official said: “We don’t want the kids back in there until it’s safe. There’s an outside chance the school won’t be open tomorrow.”

Asbestos is a substance that can cause a range of health problems through airborne dust and fibers, and some of the problems that can stem from this exposure include respiratory issues, scarring of the lungs, and even a form of cancer known as mesothelioma, which is linked to exposure to asbestos.

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