An 18 year old boy, Sean Powell, was shot to death in his car outside the home of the married teacher he had been having an affair with.  Local police have arrested the woman’s husband, Eric Mclean, in the shooting.

The tragedy happened in Knoxville, Tennessee where Erin McLean, 30, was completing an internship at West High School where she met Sean Powell.  He was as student at the school and soon the two began having an affair that had lasted several months. 

Eric and Erin McLean had been married for 11 years and have two children ages 11 and 7.  Eric McLean had put his academics on hold to instead provide financially for his family while his wife, Erin, completed her graduate degree in teaching.  He was only one semester away from graduating with a bachelor’s degree in music education.  Eric’s father, Norman McLean, has been quoted as describing his son as a nonviolent, but heavily burdened person, referring to Erin’s relationship with Sean. 

Powell’s birth mother, Debra Flynn, describes him as “full of life” and says he had just gotten his driver’s license and his first vehicle from his adoptive parents Scarlett and Jack Powell.  Although, Ms. Flynn had given Sean up for adoption many years ago, she had reestablished a relationship with him in recent years.  Sean had confided in her that he had been seeing Erin McLean.  She had also come across several text messages on her phone from Erin McLean to her son.  “These teachers are feasting on our children in school and something has to be done,” Ms. Flynn was quoted as saying.  Sean was buried on Thursday where over 150 friends and classmates attended the service.

On the day of the shooting, police received a 911 call from the McLean residence regarding an intruder being on the premises.  A few minutes after the initial call, they received a second call from Erin stating that her husband had just shot Sean outside of their home.  Eric McLean fled the scene before police arrived.  He was arrested the next day while walking a few miles from his home and still carrying the murder weapon.  While he is in custody and facing official charges, no charges have been brought against his wife.

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