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Do you invite someone into your country to speak to a dissatisfied population who justifies acts of terrorism or express views that could foster inter-community violence, and that it did not matter if women and children were the victims of suicide attacks and called for the destruction of the State of Israel, or call for the death penalty for homosexuality and preach that husbands should beat “disobedient” wives?

Not in a civilized society, at least. But Muslims in the UK think otherwise.

A government decision Thursday to ban a Qatar-based Muslim cleric who supports suicide bombings in Israel from entering the UK has been criticized by Muslim groups. Egyptian-born cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi wanted to come to the UK for medical treatment, but was refused entry.

Qaradawi has in the past visited the UK at the invitation of London Mayor Ken Livingstone, sparking protests from civil rights groups, the Jewish community and the gay and lesbian community.

In 2004, Qaradawi defended suicide attacks against Israelis. “It’s not suicide, it is martyrdom in the name of God,” he told the BBC.

Last week, Conservative Party leader David Cameron called for Qaradawi’s exclusion from the UK, calling him a “dangerous and divisive preacher of hate.”

The Muslim response? The usual. Ignore the facts. Play the victim.

Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, condemned the ban and said Qaradawi was respected as a scholar throughout the Muslim world. He said the Labor government had “bowed to Zionist and neo-con pressure.”

That tells you a lot about the ‘scholar’ – doesn’t it. Great credentials – no?

“It is regrettable that the government has finally given way to these unreasonable demands, spearheaded by the Conservative leader whose government had, in fact, allowed Dr. Qaradawi to visit the UK five times between 1995 and 1997,” Bari said. He added that the decision would send the “wrong message to Muslims everywhere about the state of British society and culture.”

No, Muhammad. It’s sending the right message and it’s high time the Brits start to defend their society and culture against dirt bags like Qaradawi. Just common sense.

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