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Two US based Islamic websites have called on Muslims to kill the driver of a Georgia registered vehicle displaying an offensive bumper sticker.

Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report writes that since the Gwinnett County (Georgia) authorities don’t seem to be taking this seriously, it might be a good idea to get the word out. Maybe we’ll all (readers and bloggers) get the ball moving and get an investigation moving. The following is a repost of what was received by email from The Jawa Report:

Two U.S. based Islamic websties have called on Muslims to kill the driver of a Georgia registered vehicle displaying an offensive bumper sticker. On February 28 the “Black Lion” blog, a website run by two American Muslims who support violent jihad, posted the license plate number of a Gwinnett County, Georgia motorist displaying a bumper sticker which read, “Kill em all, let Allah sort em out.” A thinly veiled threat encouraging Muslims to find the driver and kill him was also posted.

Another Muslim offended, another death threat issued.

When the posts were reported to the Gwinnett County Chief of Police’s office, the keystone cops were right on the case. The person who took her call responded with “What do you want me to do about it?”

For starters, how about finding the person targeted for death and letting them know that their life may be in danger?!?! Then, how about contacting the FBI, just down the road in Atlanta, so they can open an investigation!?!?

In the meantime, “The Black Lion” blog removed the death threat from their website.

However, another U.S. based militant Islamist website picked up the post and republished it. In a post celebrating the shooting down of an American helicopter in Iraq, a “Join the Caravan” author identified as “Mujahida3001” republishes the earlier threat made by “The Black Lion”.

Here’s the post.

Another blogger who gets few hits per day has e-mailed me and told me of a truck he saw with a decal on it saying “Kill em all, let Allah sort em out.” He was kind enough to give me the license tag number, too. Georgia tag [tag number is shown in actual post] Gwinnett County

Just thought I’d share that with you.

This is baraa [enmity]. If he wants to repeat the quote of one of the crusader generals during the first crusades in Jerusalem, then no, I do not care about his safety. I care about his lack of it. He shouldn’t feel any security at all.

So, Muslims, do whatever you can get away with.

Take care and keep it militant.

Oh, and the website the “Black Lion” blog is hosted by, you guessed it, that lovely pro-democracy, fair and balanced company Goggle noted for its pro-Islamist support and anti-jihadist censorship.

In the past, Google’s blogspot division has refused to take down websites encouraging the killing of Americans, the murder of civilians, and violent jihad on the grounds
of “free speech”.

Unless you post to Google’s you tube, then and slurs about Muslims, Jihadists or Islam are promptly deleted.

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