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Well it seems today is a day for Muslim intimidations. Debbie Schlussel ha s an exclusive on a new movie soon to be released that, under complaints by Iranian Muslims, the honor killing scenes have been removed. From Debbie Schlussel /

Muslim groups have successfully gotten scenes–accurately depicting them as terrorists and murderers–removed from scripts or changed to another, more acceptable nationality. Brilliant blogger Sultan Knish drew my attention to the latest such cave-in: “Crossing Over,” starring Harrison Ford and Sean Penn and produced by the Weinstein Brothers. I’ve been writing extensively about this movie and have a copy of the original script.

Muslim Iranians were upset that a scene portrays them committing an honor killing. Late last week, they succeeded in getting it removed from the film. No worries, though, about the anti-Semitic scenes in the movie. Those remain. The Weinsteins and Writer/Director Wayne Kramer are Jewish, and we can’t expect them to cave on those the way they did for the “more worthy” Muslims. It’s politically correct to attack Jews, not so–these days in Hollywood–to attack those who attacked us before and on 9/11 and repeatedly try to again.

In the movie–about immigration, illegal aliens, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents–Hamid Baraheri is a Muslim Iranian ICE agent in his early forties. Predictably, he is Hollywood’s version of a kind, decent, hard-working, loyal American agent, much unlike the real-life Muslim federal agents, many of whom have been the subject of insubordination and tipping off targets in federal terrorism investigations.

But Baraheri’s brother, Farid, murders his sister, Zahra, in an honor-killing, and ICE Special Agent Hamid Baraheri is in on it. After all, Zahra is dating non-Muslim men and sleeping with a Latino. An honorable Muslim family cannot allow her to live and continue to shame them with her existence.

Debbie posts the actual part of the script that has been deleted.

Read it all.

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