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Instruct a group of innocent well indoctrinated students and their teacher in the beauty of religious tolerance and multiculturalism and introduce them to the importance of the diverse faiths at a neighborhood mosque and what do you get?

Well, not what the school expected. It seems the imam declared to their little faces that they were nothing but “dogs”.

An instructive school trip to a mosque for ten year olds from the Amsterdam school De Horizon turned into a tirade against unbelievers.

The surprised children and their escorts heard from the chairman of the El Mouchidine mosque in the Osdorp neighborhood that unbelievers were ‘dogs’. The multicultural school organizes trips to various religious institutes as part of the project ‘spiritual denominations since the management thinks it’s important that the students meet the backgrounds of the diverse faiths.

Oh, yes! Very important that these dhimmis in training see the true face of Islam. And that’s what they got. And what do the education authorities do now that their little lesson in Islam had backfired?

Why hide you head in the sand like good little dhimmis.

The management has meanwhile turned to the mosque about the chairman’s undesirable behavior. Both parties don’t want to speak about it. Mariët ten Berge of the school administration said she was not interested in speaking to De Telegraaf about it, saying that they often go to the mosque and it had always gone well.

Then the “Oh, I was misinterpreted” excuse.

The school trip took place March 27. The mosque chairman spoke poor Dutch but told the kids, while waving his finger: “Islam is good, other beliefs are also good. But if you don’t believe, that is not good, then you only eat and sleep, then you’re just like an animal, such as a dog.”

The children and escorts did not react at first. Only when they were back in school, when asked what they had learned, the students answered: that we are dogs.

Reminds me of South Park. It’s the little kids that really understand what the dumb adults don’t.

The management send a letter to the parents on April 3rd. One parent forwarded the letter to newspaper SP!TS, which published the story on its front page. The parent got an angry call from Ten Berge. Mother Martine Boesten says the school had wanted to keep the story small, but that this is exactly the problem. “Maybe it’s an incident for this mosque and this school but in general it isn’t. How can you still trust such a chairman?”

Did a light bulb just go off? Perhaps a blinding flash of understanding?

I hope the students and their teacher got a real education that day in the fallacy of political correctness and multiculturalism when one culture seeks to dominate instated of assimilate.

And I hope they love man’s best friend – dogs.


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