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It seems some Muslims in Baltimore County say lessons involving Islam being taught to seventh- and 10th-graders in public schools are inaccurate.

Bash Pharoan, president of the Baltimore chapter of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, says resource sheets, called “Islamic Life,” given to seventh-graders studying world cultures and “World Religions” for 10th-graders in world history classes, not only misrepresent Islam, but show disrespect to the prophet Muhammad.

But the Baltimore Country school board, in an act of anti-dhimmitude has held firm and refuse to change the course sheets.

Joe Hairston, county school superintendent, said his “teachers do not use materials that contain inaccurate information.”

And what’s inaccurate and has Pharoan’s burka in a bunch?

Pharoan disagrees, saying the resource sheet on Islam belittles the prophet by referring to him only as “Muhammad.” “We always say ‘Prophet Muhammad,’ ” Pharoan said, “Omitting the word ‘prophet’ is disrespectful.” Pharoan said many of facts on the resource sheets are untrue or half-true, and they “emphasize negative differences that are divisive in nature.”

There are other ‘inaccuracies’ about Islam that he points out.

Pharoan says the information given to students about “jihad” and the Koran, the sacred book of Islam, is especially objectionable. The resource sheets state the Muslim prophet’s “main goal was to get people to accept Allah and to spread the faith of Islam. Muhammad justified his attacks to his followers by explaining that to weaken those who opposed the spread of God’s word was a virtue, and that those who fell in battle would be rewarded in heaven. Thus, the idea of the jihad became the holy war of the Muslims against ‘the unbelievers.'” This reference, Pharoan says, inaccurately portrays Islam as a religion that embraces the use of force.

Oh really. I wonder what the history texts in the county say? Islam spread with flowers and honey?

“Islamic teachings explicitly forbid coercing others to adopt the Islamic religion. Suicide is forbidden. The taking of innocent lives is forbidden. Yet the curriculum would have students believing otherwise,” Pharoan said.

Jeeze! Can this guy tell a bold face lie! What about the Christian who was going to be executed in Afghanistan for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity? It toke an international uproar to prevent his execution. And what about the Fox News reporters that were kidnapped in Iraq and forced to convert under threat of death to Islam to save their lives.

Cara Calder, a spokeswoman for the school system, says the class material was selected on a scholarly basis.”Our perspective is that when it comes to curriculum, our focus is academic rather than social or political,” she said. “We (the administration) are aware of Dr. Pharoan’s and Mr. Jameel’s concerns, and as we would with any question of curriculum, we will rely on academic and scholarly information.”

And this final piece from Pharoan.

“Teachers should ask themselves, ‘Am I teaching fact or opinion?’”

They have their facts straight, Mr. Pharoan. Now get yours straight.

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