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The BBC has abandoned plans to screen a fictional terrorist attack by Muslim suicide bombers and German journalist and historian of the Third Reich, provokes a wave of indignation and accusations from Muslims.

First the BBC.

The BBC was to include a fictional attack by Muslim suicide bombers in their primetime drama Casualty but had to drop the reference to Muslims after internal clashes over whether the highly sensitive subject matter would cause them offense.

The BBC was in a dilemma since they had already started filming. What to do? What to do?

YES!! Find another group of terrorists! Their choice?

BBC drama executives were keen to push the storyline and may even have started filming, a source close to the production told The Observer. But they were overruled by the corporation’s editorial guidelines department, which ordered that the episode be changed so that the Muslim characters were replaced by animal rights extremists.

Umm….excuse me? Has there been a rash of PETA bombers in Britain and has the BBC be suppressing the news in deference to pet lovers?

In the substitute story, a double episode to be shown over a weekend, a bomb explodes on a bus after being planted by animal rights militants, leaving the Holby City Hospital’s Emergency Department to deal with the bloody aftermath.

This change in antagonists did not sit well with Lord Tebbit, the former Conservative Party chairman who was seriously injured in the 1984 terrorist bombing by the IRA in Brighton.

‘People were perfectly free during the violence in Northern Ireland to produce dramas about terrorism for which presumably they might have been accused of stereo-typing IRA terrorists or even suggesting that all Catholics were terrorists,’ he said. ‘What is the difference here? I fail to see why sauce for the goose shouldn’t be sauce for the gander. The BBC exists in a world of New Labour political correctness.’

Right on!!

Now on to Germany.

The plans of an Islamic association to build an imposing “Central Mosque” in Cologne are the subject of ongoing controversy in Germany. The mosque design features a giant 35 meter high dome flanked by two 55 meter high minarets. Much of the initial public opposition to the mosque project was organized by “Pro Cologne”: a political movement that local authorities have classified as “right-wing extremist” — a common euphemism in Germany for neo-Nazi groups. Last May, however, the controversy over the Cologne mosque project took on a new dimension when the renowned German journalist and historian of the Third Reich, Ralph Giordano, joined the ranks of the mosque critics. Giordano argued that the mosque project sent the “wrong signal” and claimed that the integration of Muslims in Germany had “failed.” As proof for his claim, he pointed to the presence of fully veiled women on the streets of Cologne, whom he described as resembling “human penguins.” “I do not want to see women wearing burqas on German streets!” Giordano exclaimed.

Now such ‘truthing’ does not sit well with the multiculturalists in Germany.

Giordano’s remarks provoked a wave of indignation and accusations that he was making common cause with Nazis and racists.

So tell the truth and you’re racist. Muslims are a race? How silly of me.

These accusations were made all the more piquant by the fact that the 84-year-old Giordano’s own first-hand experience of Nazi racial persecution as the son of a Jewish mother is the core theme of his writings. But according to the Turkish-born author and Cologne resident Arzu Toker, there are also many opponents of the mosque project to be found among the very people whom Germany’s Islamic associations are presumed to represent: namely, the some 3 million or so residents of Germany, the majority of them of Turkish descent, who are commonly described as “Muslims,” whether they practice Islam or not. Toker, a critic of the increasing influence of the Islamic associations in German public life, is the co-chair of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims of Germany.

You can read the discussion between the two here. It’s a good insight into both the dhimmi attitude in Germany and those that are resisting it.

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