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Do you find this woman offensive?

Some Muslims in Australia do.

Twenty-three-year-old journalist Latika Bourke was verbally attacked by a group of Muslim men outside a Sydney mosque because of her dress.

“This young man approached me and said: ‘You should be wearing more clothes. You need to cover up, you mutt’,” Ms Bourke, who works for 2UE Radio, recounted. Ms Bourke, who was wearing a black trench coat, knee-high boots and gloves, said she was shocked and humiliated. “I’m just incredulous as to why they would say that … what else is there to cover up?

Ms Bourke was waiting to interview controversial mufti Sheik Taj Eldeen Alhilaly at Lakemba mosque when a man aged about 20 confronted her. His friends stood nearby, supporting him, as he verbally attacked her. “He said: Are you aware that this is our Friday prayers? Do you know you’re disrespecting our religion.”

Ms Bourke said she replied: “I’m sorry, how?” He then advised her to cover up and called her “a mutt”.” I knew it was important to cover up when you go to a mosque and that’s why I wore a long coat and gloves. “As soon as it happened I looked at myself and thought, what am I wearing that is offensive?”’

Why can’t Muslims, in the words of Rodney King, “Just get along”? Imagine an Amish visiting New York and finding automobiles and electric billboards offensive to their beliefs and making a fuss over it. The news would have a heyday humiliating their position. It’s time we start doing that to fundamental Muslims who can’t live in the modern world. Maybe if we ridiculed their behavior with a good horse laugh (which the main stream media and entertainment industry seems to have no problem doing to fundamentalist Christians) they will cease their constant whining and complaining and just get on with their lives.

It seems to some bitter Muslims, the entire world is offensive. Maybe some day they will wake up and discover that their offensiveness is offensive – to everyone else.

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