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The storm of controversy raised by a small village in Quebec (which recently announced a “code of life,” that lays out societal norms for Herouxville, 165 kilometers northeast of Montreal) has a new aspect it to it.

Muslims are validating the need for it.

The declaration, passed by the town council last month, says a person’s face should not be covered, except at Halloween, and that children should sing Christmas songs in December. It warns would-be immigrants that women can vote, drive and dance if they choose. It says adults can drink alcohol and children cannot bring weapons, religiously symbolic or not, to school despite a Supreme Court of Canada ruling that has already upheld that right for Sikh Canadians.

And of course, the first protesters out of the box were religious minorities. One such minority has sensitivities were ruffled are – surprise, surprise – Muslims.

Clad in traditional Islamic head scarves, a delegation of Muslim women paid a visit Sunday to the Quebec town that passed a controversial code aimed at potential immigrants…….Although the list has no legal weight, it clearly targets religious minorities, said May Haidar, one of the women who made the journey to the community of 1,300 on Sunday afternoon. “We’re disappointed by this `code of life,”’ Haidar said. “It’s apparent there is a misconception and a wrong view of Muslim women, so we want to open a dialogue to let them know us and, of course, we want to know them.”

First of al, the “code’ does not make specific reference to any religion or ethnic groups. It’s a common sense declaration of the values of the community. Second of all, why would nay group call attention to itself protesting a negative? Doesn’t that group have something to be concerned about? By saying it opposes a decent set of Western values prove that the group itself endorses that which the “code” tries to prevent? What kind of “dialogue” do these Muslim women want to have? That they support their oppression which the “code’ clearly is against?

Go figure.

The town has already toned down the declaration, handing out another version Sunday that removed references to stoning women to death or burning them with acid……But Drouin was unrepentant about the list and said it will stay put.

“No major change,” he told reporters. He said the council has received thousands of e-mails from all over the world. “We’re not alone in this,” Drouin said. “The e-mails we’ve received… they all say the same thing: `We’re behind you.”’ One nearby town has passed a resolution in support of Herouxville but has not adopted their own “norms.” Another has passed a resolution in support of multiculturalism.

The defense of Western values is starting to spread in Quebec and what is the government doing about the controversy? Why do what every liberal minded appeaser does.

The debate over accommodation of ethnic, cultural and religious minorities continues to rage in Quebec and Premier Jean Charest has named a special commission to study the issue.

Then this silliness.

The Canadian Islamic Congress is still considering a human rights complaint against the Herouxville council.

Huh!? What human rights are being violated? The right to stone a woman? That Christmas be celebrated in the schools? That women be treated as second class citizens? That they can vote? That adults can drink alcohol and children cannot bring weapons, religiously symbolic or not, to school?

Are those the rights that the civil rights commission will defend? Paleeeeze!!

As for the reaction by the Herouxville residents.

About 50 residents came out to meet the women Sunday, sipping coffee as they waited.
Louise Trudel spoke at length with one of the visitors. She said it (the demonstration) was nice but accomplished nothing. “We didn’t even speak about the `code de vie,”’ she said. “At a certain point it (accommodation of minorities) must stop.” Her debate partner, Samira Laouni, felt differently. “For me it was very beneficial,” she said. “I didn’t leave my kids with my husband for nothing.”

I hope the “code” spreads to every village and hamlet in Canada and finds its way to the US. That’s the way this resistance to the non-violent jihads use by Islamists will defeat the creeping of Shariah law into our culture.
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