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Now, normally universities and colleges in the West are in bed with Islam and can’t do enough to accommodate Muslim students. But there are some things even a dhimmi will refuse to do.

In this case, a decision by McGill University to expand classroom and laboratory space. It seems at McGill, education trumps ‘religious tolerance’.

In 2004, the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) was evicted from its prayer space in the basement of the Peterson Hall, a building primarily used by students.

The university’s reason for the eviction was that the school needed the space to expand classroom and laboratory space.

A representative from McGill could not be reached for comment at time of press.

This move, however, left the thousands of Muslim Students at McGill without a location to hold spiritual rituals and ceremonies.

Upon evicting them, the university advised the Muslim students to seek an outside location for prayer.

According to Sana Saeed, a student at McGill and a member of the MSA, finding an outside location would have been costly and unnecessary.

“As Muslims, all we desired was an adequately-sized room, which would allow us to pray during the times we’d be on campus,” she said.

She said the Muslim students at McGill believe having prayer space at the university is a basic right they are entitled to.

Ah yes. That Muslim entitlement again. Let’s hear that again? A religious right at a public institution? Is this how Canada separates Church and State? Of does it?

But students at McGill have another possible option: a multi-faith centre. Some Canadian are handling the new diversity of students and their spiritual interests with large, multi-faith facilities.

These are buildings that are designed to be big enough to accommodate large gatherings of followers. Buildings such as these are already in place at some of Canada’s largest universities, including the University of Toronto and Dalhousie University.

“The university administrators at the St. George campus have done much to provide space for religious and spiritual practice on campus” said Ilyas Ally, a third-year student at U of T and vice-president (brothers) of the university’s Muslim Students’ Association.

Saeed said although in the past MSA McGill has fought for a multi-faith prayer space, the situation has now changed.

“[MSA] needs a prayer space three to four times out of five times a day,” she said. “We don’t want to create a monopoly over a multi-faith space or make others feel uncomfortable.”

Gee. The other faiths don’t seem to have that ‘concern’. Or is it that Muslims don’t want to soil their religious traditions by associating with non-Muslim.

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