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It seems a Muslim student is suing the Newark public schools claiming that he was unable to attend his high school graduation last June because it was held in a church. The student, Bilal Shareef, 18, said it was against his beliefs to set foot in any building with symbols involving God.

The ACLU is taking up the case because, get this, it proves the insensitivity of the school district.

“The position I was put in was very, very uncomfortable,” said Mr. Shareef, who graduated from West Side High with a 4.0 grade-point average and is a student at Union County College in Cranford. He is seeking damages and an order to bar the use of churches for future graduations.

Since Shareef doesn’t like it, no one should be allowed to do it. The tyranny of the minority – the objective of the politically correct – is at it again. The ACLU seeing this as an opportunity to attack religion once again is licking its chops over the prospect.

And of course the ACLU is all over the case saying that under the state’s Constitution, no person can be “compelled to attend any place of worship contrary to his faith and judgment”, even though the school district’s lawyer says that state law “allows some use of religious facilities by public school districts”.

And what’s the reaction from the Muslim and non-Muslim community?

Louay Safi, the executive director of the Islamic Society of North America, which has 400 affiliated mosques, said “this is the first time I have heard of a student not wanting to just visit a church on that grounds.”

The imam of the Islamic Cultural Center in Newark, where Mr. Shareef worships, could not be reached for comment about its stance. Mr. Shareef said, “I can’t speak for all Muslims; I know some that don’t mind and some that do.”

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a nonprofit educational association, said the use of churches for graduation ceremonies was a growing phenomenon, but he was unaware of any other lawsuits over the issue.

So why the use of churches for graduation ceremonies of public schools in the first place? Could it be a devious plot of the right wing Christian conservatives who want to takeover the public schools and install their brand of radical Christian fundamentalism? Or perhaps it’s a plot to expose impressionable Muslim youngsters to a crusading religion in hopes of turning them way from Mohammed’s one true light?

Nope. None of the above. It’s simple economics.

The school district plans to fight the lawsuit, arguing it didn’t have a choice, that there were no large secular spaces available to handle the roughly 250 graduating seniors at West Side High School, said Perry Lattiboudere, the school district’s general counsel.

This is just another attempt that has been growing quickly over the last several years of a cultural jihad using litigation jihad to assert Muslim values on a community.

Why now? Why within the last several years Muslims here and abroad are offended by the culture they live in and instead of finding ways to live peacefully side by side with other cultures, they have find ways to dominate it? Why aren’t Buddhists, Hindu and Jewish students offended by attending graduation ceremony in a church?

Even more important, who was counseling this teenage Muslim to come up with his idea? His family? His mosque? A radical cleric? This has nothing to so with the issue at hand. This is but another attempt at forcing the non-Muslim culture into dhimmitude and advancing Islamic mores and laws in order to Ilsamitize a society.

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