Jeff B. over at Protein Wisdom ran across this little piece of un-reported news missed by the MSM (Surprise. Surprise.) but picked up by LGF. Jeff wrote:

I’m interested to hear what the diversity czars and the risk-averse university bureaucrats have to say about this kind of identitarian political activism — not because I’m particularly bothered by it (the video shows the MSA for the repressive ideologues and wannabe zealous thugs they are, and frankly, I find it refreshing to see such free speech aired on a university campus for a change) — but rather because a university-sanctioned group is performing such confrontational activism on a university campus, where “hate” is purportedly disallowed.

Wow, what makes this report even better is the little video at LGF that actually documents the harassment – videoed by an MSA student himself.

This is what the Muslim Student Association is doing on American campuses, in a video apparently shot by an MSA member at the University of Texas at San Antonio using the name “dawahworks.”

The title of the video is: The Missing Hijab 2 & the Jew.

You’re not going to believe this, as he thuggishly harasses a female Muslim student to explain why she isn’t wearing the hijab, and justifies forcing it on all women with quotes from the Koran.

And it gets worse, when he moves on to a Jewish student. The sense of menace is almost palpable. “What would you think is the biggest accomplishment of the Jews in America? 9/11?”

Jeff goes on.

This puts diversity advocates and university administrators in quite a bind, I should think. Because to “tolerate” the political activism of the MSA, the university must simultaneously allow for “hatred” against women and Jews (the latter not really much of a problem, of course — provided the wretched Zionists don’t threaten to sue). Unless, that is, one is able to alter what constitutes “hate” by simultaneously altering the feminist narrative to conclude that Muslim women who “Americanize” are somehow traitors to their own cultural foundationalism, and so shouldn’t be granted the protections of American women who are treated as kitchen and laundry room chattel. Which argument, here, would manifest itself as nothing much more than deafening silence from the Women’s Studies Department.

Sadly, none of this anti-intellectual two-stepping is at all implausible (or even unlikely) — particularly when one is forced by one’s progressivism to navigate through the minefield that identity politics and multiculturalism combine to create once protected groups are pitted against one another.

I seriously doubt that the University will see this type of harassment as a case for hate but that’s the way it is in the 1984 of the politically correct where black is white, up and is down and Freedom is Slavery (dhimmitude) and Ignorance is Strength (being politically correct) – and where peace is mistakenly seen as the absent of war and not the presence of justice.

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