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OK. You’re soldier returning home after serving your country in war zone, risking your life and limb to protect your fellow countrymen. You arrive straight from the front wearing your combat gear not letting anything stand in your way of quickly returning home.

But by a quirk of fate, you arrive in part of your country that is as alien as the battle front you came from and in order for you to continue on your journey home you are ordered to remove all signs that you were a soldier serving your country.

Crazy, right? Not for today’s British soldiers.

In an extraordinary incident, 200 British soldiers who were on their way back from serving their country in Afghanistan were diverted from RAF Brize Norton to Birmingham International because of the weather. At someone’s instance they were forced to change on the tarmac apron from their desert camouflage into civilian dress before being allowed into the airport buildings.

The soldiers at Birmingham were told by the pilot that their baggage was being unloaded on to the runway and that they must reclaim it, dig out their own clothes and remove their desert combat kit before they could proceed into the airport building.

Many will suspect that this order came from the Airport management who will have doubtless been cowering under their desks in fear at the reaction of some of their customers at the sight of an Army Unit in full kit emerging, happy and relaxed into their midst.

As Birmingham International serves a cachement area with a sizeable Muslim Minority, you can bet your boots (size twelve, hob-nailed) that some Jobsworth did much pursing of his lips as he contemplated the inflaming or appeasing of this small portion of the public using the place before reaching instantly for the ‘appease’ button. Why upset the paying public when you can shove around some compliant squaddies instead?

This story exemplifies the mealy-mouthed appeasement by some gutless elements in our society of a small portion of our population, some of whom have only been here five minutes and who do not exactly hold dear British Values and British Institutions. We should stop doing this and tell them to like it or lump it, preferably somewhere else.

The tyranny of the Muslim minority goes on unabated. When will Great Britain wake up and regain its greatness.

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