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Muslim employment discrimination suits have increased dramatically since 1990 with the biggest increase after 9/11. The year 2007 is on track to have the largest number of Muslim discrimination opinions in history.

According to the IASC:

In terms of their geographic source, courts in New York, California, Illinois, Texas and Washington D.C. were most common jurisdictions issuing Muslim employment decisions. In fact, the total cases from those five jurisdictions constitute about one-half of the total.

The most remarkable thing about this list is the exponential growth of Muslim employment discrimination cases. Between the Rollins case in 1974 and the end of 1979, there were a total of six (6) Muslim employment discrimination opinions (approximately one per year.) In the 1980s, there were 17 (a little over one per year).

Now here are some interesting facts from the study.

The acceleration of Muslim employment discrimination claims followed the first World Trade Center attacks in 1993. Around this time, Americans were being killed in Israel in acts of terror perpetrated by the Palestinian rejectionist groups like Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, with such incidents receiving heightened attention in the U.S. media. Through the end of the decade, there were several more Islamic attacks on U.S. interests abroad, and al Qaida began to be an entity known to many Americans. Then came 9/11.

Why would Islamic terrorist attacks result in more claims of employment discrimination against Muslims? There are a number of possible theories, which neatly fall along a continuum of two diametrically opposed views.

One on end is what I will refer to as the “Innocent Muslim Bystander” theory: Islamic terrorist attacks against the U.S. increase discrimination against innocent Muslim employees here, who are distrusted in the workplace and wrongly punished for of the actions of a few radicals who claim to act in the name of their religion. This theory is the narrative advanced by such groups as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim civil rights organization.

On the other end of the continuum is what I will call the “Political Islam” theory, which is the narrative pushed by a number of prominent commentators: Muslims in the U.S. saw the steady increase in attacks that culminated in 9/11 as an opportunity to press their advantage and achieve greater Islamicization of American workplaces, even while disavowing violent jihad, and their employment discrimination push is one aspect of such effort.

Any doubts to the overall strategy of political Islam? Legal intimidation, as I and others have written about time and time again, is only one form of jihad. The others are media, demographic, institutional, education, cultural, financial, criminal, and economic jihad.

I believe the question of which of these two competing views is more valid is easily answered by examining one factor: whether the growth in Muslim-initiated employment discrimination claims since the 1990s has resulted in a concomitant increase in actual judicial findings of religious discrimination. After all, either the “Innocent Muslim Bystander” or the “Political Islam” theory would explain the growth in the number of claims, while only the former would explain a growth in the rate of successful claims (measured by the percentage of successful claims to total claims.)

Here’s the upshot: Muslim employment discrimination cases are rising at an alarming rate. The number of judicial opinions that were formerly issued in an entire decade are now coming out in a single month. Meanwhile, the rate of successful Muslim employment discrimination claims remains extremely low. In fact, the total number of judicial opinions in which courts have affirmed Muslim employment discrimination is 12. That is not a typo – the total count is a single dozen, in U.S. history. How many total claims? Around 300 resulting in court decisions. I believe that this astounding fact shows that there is a growing effort to perpetuate the myth that Muslims in the U.S. are treated poorly. The more interesting question is why this type of religious discrimination claim is on the rise. Perhaps we should look to the Muslim civil rights organizations for answers.

All you’ll get from CAIR and other Islamist organizations is their plan to impose Islam on the USA and implement Sharia law.

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