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Just when you think the Motoon controversy had run its course, the Islamist appeasers and complainers strike again. This time, at two students at Cambridge University.

The controversy over the publication of one of the now infamous Jyllands Posten Mohammed cartoons in a Cambridge University student publication has taken on a new seriousness, after two students were questioned under caution by Cambridgeshire police. The students, understood to be the editor and guest editor of unofficial Clare College magazine Clareification (renamed Crucification for an issue focused on religious satire) were interrogated under Section 5 of the Public Order Act (“harassment, alarm or distress”).

I wonder if the interrogates wore Islamo-fascist symbols on t heir uniforms? Or perhaps they were brown? Here’s the cover of the banned magazine.

Police confirmed to Index that the students were questioned last Friday, and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service, which will decide whether to press charges against the students in the coming weeks. The magazine, circulated for free among Clare students, contained several articles ridiculing religious belief, and the front-page headlines ‘Katie Lin-O-Scopes more reliable than Bible’ (a reference to the magazine’s spoof horoscope column) and ‘Ayatollah rethinks stance on “misunderstood” Rushdie’.

The editorial stated ‘I hate Islam’. The Mohammed cartoon appeared on the back page, juxtaposed with a picture of Clare’s student president with the caption ‘One is a prophet of God, a great leader and an example to us all. The other is a violent paedophile.’

This is not the first time a student publication has courted controversy by publishing the cartoons. In February 2006, four students were suspended from Cardiff University after the cartoons were published in Gair rhydd, the student union’s official newspaper.

The useful idiots of the Islamist are not just looney – but dangerous.

What’s ever happened to free speech in this country? Where’s the ACLU? Oh, how silly of me to ask. They’ll defend anyone degrading the Judeo-Christian religion but Islam is off limits.

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