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Those who speak out against the jihadists and their tactics need not be intimidated by their antics. Walid Shoebat shows how.

Lee Kaplan at Think-Israel reports – Braving Campus Radicals at UC Davis.

A curious thing happened when Walid Shoebat[1] arrived for a speech at the University of California at Davis last week. Shoebat, the former PLO terrorist who now speaks out against terrorism and militant Islam, not only faced his largest ever audience at a college campus — a sold-out crowd of over 1,300 people — but he actually got to deliver his remarks without interruption. This was hardly a foregone conclusion. Only one week earlier at the University of California at Irvine, Middle East expert Daniel Pipes had his remarks disrupted by students from the Muslim Students Association (MSA), who chanted and yelled before finally being escorted from the auditorium.

The MSA’s sister organization at UC Davis had planned a similar welcome for Shoebat — only worse. The MSA had planned to fill up several rows in the school’s Freeborn Hall when Shoebat spoke in order to chant and drown him out. Using a cell phone, they intended to phone a member stationed outside the building to start a fire so as to empty the auditorium.

Why so bold? With the help of the campus useful idiots, of course.

What’s more, they had ample to reason to think that they could do so without penalty. Organizers and sponsors of the Shoebat speech, who included the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, the UC Davis College Republicans and campus Hillel, were initially informed by the UC Davis campus police that were the MSA to interfere with the event, there was nothing to be done. It would be considered “freedom of speech.”

Yeah, and what about Shoebat’s freedom of speech? But the organizers of Shoebat’s speech refused to be intimidated by the rabid Muslim organization.

They demanded that the MSA students be warned of the consequences if they did disrupt. An attorney and organizer also informed the university of legal statutes in California, upheld by the Supreme Court in a similar case that involved disruption of Martin Luther King Jr. while speaking during the Civil Rights Movement, and which provided the basis for arrest and prosecution. They further informed the school’s administration that the same rules applied in the university’s codes of conduct. Just prior to Shoebat’s speech, a student organizer notified the MSA that any intentional disruption would result in actual arrests and prosecutions and would not be tolerated.

All right! That’s how to handle a tyrannical mob.

The MSA remained silent throughout the entire speech and question period, choosing to walk out later midway through the event.


Despite its tardy start — Shoebat’s speech had been delayed by over 30 minutes because campus security had to frisk the attendees — it was a popular success, at least if the sustained standing ovation Shoebat received at the end is a reliable index. As with the MSA, 60 of whose members silently walked out midway through the evening, not everyone appreciated his message that fundamentalist Islam poses a threat to America and Israel. More surprising is that many students, including many Palestinians, surrounded Shoebat, not to harass him but to shake his hand and ask him questions. For these students, Shoebat was a refreshing change from the relentless campus propaganda against Israel and America they hear daily on campus.

When our message is allowed to get out – we can get through.
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