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The Islamist attempt at legal jihad just hit a snag. Muslim imams tried to sue the passengers on US Airways who blew the whistle on their suspicious behavior. They were protected from prosecution by the “John Doe” law passed by Congress last year that protects people acting to prevent terrorist attacks.

Not to be deterred by the Islamist intimidation attempts, US Airways and Minneapolis airport officials are demanding a jury trial in the civil rights lawsuit.

The airline and Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), which oversees Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, are also claiming immunity for their employees named in the suit, citing a “John Doe” law passed by Congress last year that, among other things, protects people acting in an official capacity to prevent terrorist attacks.

“We believe the police officers acted appropriately and that it is important that airports across the nation be able to take action when there is a reasonable belief that travelers could be threatened,” said Patrick Hogan, MAC spokesman.

“In this case, there were travelers and flight crew members who raised concerns, and we worked with federal authorities who interviewed the imams,” Mr. Hogan said. “We believe the process worked as it should to protect the traveling public.”

Frederick Goetz, the imams’ lawyer, declined to comment on the lawsuit, which was amended Dec. 14 and now names six airport police officers as defendants. The suit says the officials engaged in “intentional discrimination” when they removed the imams from the Minneapolis-to-Phoenix flight in November 2006.

In its Dec. 20 response, the commission said: “MAC police officers took reasonable action in good faith upon reports of suspicious behavior.”

This time the arrogant infidels won’t fold under Muslim intimidation. They’re demanding the imams be forced into our justice system to prove their point.

The airline is demanding that the imams provide “strict proof” on 97 of its claims to be decided by a jury.

Good show US Airways!

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