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We see this more and more. Muslims want to play by their own rules even after agreeing to follow ours. Some Muslims whine about being ‘oppressed’ in non-Muslim countries because they can’t practice some religious ritual that goes counter to a 21st century society. They believe they can accept a contract with the infidel and then change the rules. When the infidel cries ‘foul’ – they draw the Islamophobic race card.

Now it’s Dunkin’ Donuts turn.

“A discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee who was not allowed to renew his contract with the chain because of a refusal to sell pork products can proceed, a U.S. appeals court ruled Tuesday.”

This is a pile of horse manure. This is not a civil rights case but a case of business law. Read on.

For many years the donut chain had permitted Walid Elkhatib to refrain from including bacon, sausage or pork in breakfast sandwich offerings, because of religious scruples, but in 2002 it insisted that he carry the line with meat included, and he sued on religious-discrimination grounds.

Why the insistence? Is Dunkin’ Donuts being a hard ass? No.

He [Elkhatib] wanted to go ahead and keep selling the sandwiches without putting meat in them, which would presumably have implications for what franchising strategists call the consistency of the customer experience.

A franchise success is built on a readily identifiable ‘consistency of the customer experience’. Elkhatib refused to deliver it. He is in breach of a business contract. We’ve seen this before with the Minnesota Muslim cabbies and Target Muslim check out clerks who won’t handle pork. We must accommodate our business practices to Muslims – not the other way around.
If it’s against Elkhatib’s religion to sell products in a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise he shouldn’t have purchased one in the first place. But that’s not how the arrogant Muslim works. Like Burger King, he wants it his way and the rules don’t apply to him.

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