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What seems to be many as odd behavior by Muslims is really a systematic approach by Islamists to institute Shariah law in, up to now, moderate Muslim countries. Where the Islamists don’t have enough numbers to force Shariah law upon a population like the recent insurgency in Somalia (that was ultimately defeated by Ethiopia) they try to wear down the population with creeping Shariah law.

Their current target is Zanzibar.

A police ban on women drivers wearing veils is now in effect across the Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar, drawing some protests from the overwhelmingly Muslim population. Zanzibar police commander Ramadhan Khatib said the measure was intended to curb a rise in traffic accidents which reached a record 680 – with 40 deaths and 100 injuries – last year. “We have the responsibility of ensuring we decrease the accidents, and we think veil-wearers have to be included in this exercise as well,” he said.

Sounds like a reasonable law. But Islamists are not reasonable.

In Zanzibar, where 95 per cent of the islands’ one million inhabitants are Muslim, one Islamic group protested that the traffic order went against local culture. “This is not acceptable. We do not see any legal basis for this order … and we are going to challenge it,” said Sheikh Khalid Azan, the Islamic Propagation Centre’s leader. “Wearing a veil is a virtue and an obligation to women… we cannot understand if someone orders them not to wear it.

No, Mr. Azan, I bet you can’t because you are blinded by your absolute adherent to an illogical fundamentalist belief that’s unable to see the danger of driving with a veil on.

“This is going too far into my religion… The only person who could take the niqab from me is my husband, and he would not do so because he knows his obligation in Islam.”

Then we can assume that her husband can less about her safety than about toeing the Islamist line.
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