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Cruising the Web one day looking for material, I ran across a post at the Daily Pundit which got me thinking. The blogger there doesn’t pull any punches and says it like it is about appeasing Muslims.

As we proceed further down the road of appeasing [Muslims], I fear we are sealing their fate, and in the end, the surviving remnant of “reformed (civilized) Islam” will be less than fifty percent of what Islam 1.0 was before the Reckoning.

Hmmm. That’s a different way of looking at the appeasement problem. In reality the more we appease them- the more you give into the whining child throwing a hissy fit – the more Muslims are actually doing themselves harm.

If the multiculturalist PC crowd really cared about the Imperialist West’s injustice to the poor distraught Muslims they would see that they aren’t doing them any favors bowing to each and very demand. In fact, it’s hurting their cause just as the anti-jihadists who blog on the problem see it so clearly.

Here’s the latest on Muslim appeasement.

The city museum of The Hague has decided not to include in an exhibition a work of art that may offend Muslims, it was reported on Monday.

The picture, made by Iranian artist Sooreh Hera, is entitled Adam and Ewald and shows two gay men wearing masks of the Muslim prophet Mohammed and his son-in-law Ali.

The Gemeentemuseum’s director Wim van Krimpen told reporters the museum is interested in purchasing Hera’s complete series, which he called “high quality works of art”.

However, he added he will not exhibit Adam and Ewald in the next few years because “certain people in our society might perceive it as offensive”.

Hera responded she was “disappointed” and added “apparently a Muslim minority decides what will be on display in the museum”.

Get used to it Sooreh Hera. That’s life in the PC lane. But if you showed two men in the midst of a homosexual act wearing masks of Jesus Christ or Buddha or Moses, you’re work would be celebrated and critically acclaimed.

You’re not going to be famous stylizing Muslim characters in art – unless you want a fatwa put out you.

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