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The Right is getting restless in Germany which only proves that the common everyday citizen is getting fed up with the antics of their Muslim minority.

This time, a German youth organization is making it clear that they will not stand for Muslims “sexually harassing Western women.”

Since the youth organization of the German extreme-right party the Republicans (REP) hit the state election campaign in the German province of Hesse toward the end of last year, the country’s Muslim minority has been once again at the center of political discussions, albeit unwillingly.

The party has been using a poster across the province that shows a blond girl challenging the imagined viewer, saying “Don’t hit on me Ali,” an accusation extended to all Muslim males in Germany that they are “sexually harassing Western women.”

Matthias Ottmar, head of the youth organization and a direct candidate for the REP in his electoral district, justified the campaign in a press release, saying the poster touches upon physical and verbal sexual harassment that is becoming widespread in Germany’s night clubs, in which “the male representatives of the Muslim culture group” regard German women as “fair game.”

Of course this attempt at bringing notice to the general population that German Muslim groups consider German women as “fair game” has not gone over well with the german dhimmis. They were bleating as usual.

There were harsh public reactions in the region against the poster. REP speeches during a rally in the city of Darmstadt in Hesse on Saturday were loudly interrupted by around 60 activists, who whistled, jeered and catcalled.

Åžener Sargut, the chairman of the Turkish Community of Rhein-Main (TGRM) and the deputy chairperson of its umbrella organization, the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD), doubts whether the majority of the German population feels that REP’s campaign is really unfair. “According to my data, around 15 to 20 percent of Germans can be described as latent racists,” he reports, stressing that there is no broad public base willing to take a firm stance for foreigners’ rights.

Repeat after me. All together now. One. Two. Three. MUSLIMS ARE NOT A RACE!!!

Foreigner’s rights? Interesting choice of words, no? They still don’t see themselves integrated into the German community. What goes unsaid here is the special rights that they feel they deserve.

He said the poster, which he called “discriminatory” and “impudent,” was only one — “admittedly extreme” — expression of this general phenomenon of xenophobia.

Right. If you condemn any kind of Muslim unsocial behavior you are an Islamophobe.

Sargut went on about those ‘rights’.

He advises politicians to “raise more funds for integration and improve educational facilities for foreigners.” He says this will decrease the problems among the country’s migrant communities that it is the only way to knock the bottom out of the right’s rhetoric.

So, again we ask. Why no other ethnic group in Germany is having such a difficult time integrating into the German society and need money to ease them along. Why is it always the Muslims that are having problems?

Then the useful idiot speaks.

Manuela Schon, a chairperson of the Left Party’s board in Wiesbaden, also agrees that something must be done. She expressed deep concerns about the recent developments in her district. “There are already four representatives of the REP in our city parliament in Wiesbaden,” she says. She interprets this as a sign that “subversive racism” is more rooted in German society than often assumed.

The REP has won elections? What does that tell you Ms. Schon? People are getting fed up and it’s not because they are racist. They see their culture being swamped by and alien entity that seeks to replace, with the help of the multiculturalist elite, traditional German culture.

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