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Always on Watch has already done a fine post on this event. After reading the article in the post she referenced, I found this little give and take – mostly take – between one of the candidates and the Muslims at the park.

Briefly, “close to 1,000 members of Northern Virginia‘s Muslim community packed a corner of a Fairfax County park in the wilting heat yesterday for emotional, and sometimes tense, encounters with a procession of public officials and political candidates eager to court their votes”.

I found this one encounter very informative and a reflection of what the Muslim population in Northern Virginia really thinks.

The afternoon’s most dramatic moment came when Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio (R-Sterling), who has led efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants, took the microphone to make a rambling appeal to the Muslim voters in his eastern Loudoun district. Sterling is the home of one of the region’s largest mosques.

“I stand with you,” he shouted. But he drew scattered boos when he demanded to know whether those in the crowd “come in peace” and whether they pledge allegiance to the United States.

Scattered boos? Not approving applause? After all, aren’t Muslims supposed to be Americans first? Now what would bring DelGaudio to ask such a question? Could it be – low and behold – recent Muslim terrorism?

So what DID get the 1000 strong Muslim’s roaring approval?

Moments later, Maryland Del. Saqib Ali (D-Montgomery), the first Muslim elected to a state or districtwide office in the Washington area, answered Delgaudio with a sharp rebuke that brought a roar of approval from the crowd.

“Our values are the values of tolerance and inclusion,” Ali said. “Mr. Delgaudio . . . you do not reflect our values, even if you say you do.”

HUH!! Asking if American Muslims are true Americans does not reflect Muslims values? What’s wrong with this picture? Oh, yes – they hold the values of tolerance and inclusion unless you ask if they are true Americans.

You can just imagine the next interchange now.

“Oh excuse, Mr. Muslim. I know this is a sensitive question but, if you don’t mind, may I ask you a question. If it upsets you I understand fully and for the life of me I can’t see why I would want to know. Here’s my question (Head bowed in submission) Are you truly Americans?

“How dare you little dhimmi ask such a question of our tolerant and inclusive religion. Back in your place DelGaudio!

‘nuff said.

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