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A little while back, the bloggospher was discussing the idea that the many wildfires set off last summer could be the work of eco-terrorists of the Jihadist kind. Such a terrorist attack was openly discussed on Jihadist websites.

U.S. officials monitoring terrorist web sites have discovered a call for using forest fires as weapons against “crusader” nations, in what may explain some recent wildfires in places like southern California and Greece.

A terrorist website was discovered recently that carried a posting that called for “Forest Jihad.” The posting was listed on the Internet on Nov. 26 and reported in U.S. intelligence channels last week.

The statement, in Arabic, said that “summer has begun so do not forget the Forest Jihad.”

Among the discussion was some evidence that cellular phones may have been used to ignite the wildfires. Very plausible and a very smart way to set a fire by exploding an incendiary device while being miles away from the event.

Now an undercover Op has found busting a California theft ring revealed remote detonated bombs.

San Jose and Santa Clara police chiefs announced Wednesday the results of a massive sting operation in their cities. Operation Meltdown, as the joint effort was called, netted investigators hundreds of criminals, tons of stolen copper, dozens of stolen cars and weapons, and in one case, homemade bombs.

A Fremont man was arrested in October as part of Operation Meltdown. He is accused of trying to sell the officers improvised explosive devices capable of being denoted remotely by a cell phone. During a news conference at San Jose Police headquarters Wednesday morning, police showed a video, recorded by hidden camera, of the suspect demonstrating the technology to officers by detonating a bomb for them.

The article mentioned that “many of the suspects were identified as gang members,” but no suspects were named, nor were the gangs identified.

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